We at Tempered Raven believe a custom blade is more than a pretty display piece – it is a tool. Each piece we craft, regardless if hand-crafted or hand-forged, serves a purpose for its owner and much like any other tool, whether practical or ceremonial, it should be reliable and long lasting; an heirloom passed from one generation to the next. This is why we pour our sweat and tears (and sometimes blood) into each blade until they are hardened and tempered for use and abuse. Just because our blades are tools, doesn’t mean they should not look beautiful, which is why we focus our attention on details like handle material, pins, stippling, or the trueness of each blade. Only by remaining dedicated to the purpose of each piece do we remain true to our craft.


Many of our blades are based on historical designs that we’ve researched and given our personal flare.


Transferring from paper to steel – our blades are handmade or hand-forged by the Ravens in the shop.


Each of our blades is unique because of the details we put into them – from wood types to inlaid stones.

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We are a family owned business. Fly over to our About Us page to learn more about the owners.

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