About Us

Meet the Ravens

Jake grew up in a silversmith shop. From an early age he learned how to use many of the tools found in our shop today. In addition to his love for working with his hands, he also learned his eye for detail and on the fly problem solving in his father’s shop. Jake is the head knife maker, and collaborates daily with his fellow Ravens. He’s the “CEO”. 

Jake is an avid gamer. He loves anything from computer games to table top. He lives in Warrenton, with his wife, children, Husky – Tris, and three cats. 

Candice has always had a love of crafting and art, and works with a variety of mediums. She ran her own clay business before joining forces with the other Ravens to run Tempered Raven. She is one of the designers when it comes to the blades, researching and sketching new designs to create. Usually when someone contacts us through e-mail or Facebook – she’ll be the one on the other side, and runs a tight ship at our shows. She’s the “COO”. 

Candice enjoys hosting gatherings for her closest friends, and can usually be found in the D&D room on Saturday nights. When not gaming, she can be found in the craft room working on different projects. She’s married to the “CF-NO”, and lives in Warrenton with their children, 2 dogs, and 7 cats. 

Sean is our resident financial guru. He is a quick learner, and has taken to using the power tools in the shop. Whether cutting out designs or hand grinding guards to fit knives (all the other Ravens’ least favorite task), he has his hands in every stage of production. He’s lovingly referred to as the “CF-NO”! 

Sean is the personal DM to the Ravens. He’s an avid gamer and writer – especially in the fantasy genre. When not gaming or writing, he likes to relax by BBQ’ing and watching his beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Married to the “COO” for many years – he also “begrudgingly” lives with the 7 cats. 

Eric works in the shop with the Ravens, but when not in the shop providing therapy for the “CEO”, he can be found at his computer working on the website. He also has his hands in each stage of production, and can be found with the other guys hauling stuff for the “COO” at shows. We call him the “CTO”. 

Eric also games on Saturday nights, and is a collector of comics and manga. He enjoys hiking, and will often take his niece and nephew on hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.